mardi 30 septembre 2014

Applying to be a Microsoft Expert Educator will take down this road of self-discovery and collaboration with teachers from the whole world. I’ve been one for 1 year and I could not do without it! This path will change your views on what it means to be a teacher, improve your skills, and introduce you to like-minded educators you need to meet. Four years ago I started experimenting with online collaboration, making students share their online creations and engaging students with collaborative work with students from different countries. Would this change entice my students to write and speak in English, to want to improve their command of English? Yes, it did! It worked so well some of them wrote a 65-page short story ebook and published it to share it with the world! They never asked themselves whether they could do it, they just did and worked hard to turn it to the best book they could! You can visit the whole project online. A friend urged me to apply to the Microsoft Educator program. I listened, and that e-book project took me to the Barcelona Global Forum, where I met countless enthusiastic and dedicated teachers using technology in their classrooms. I was fascinated and learnt so much! I made friends and found countless teachers who wanted to collaborate and start projects! My next project, the flipped classroom started with a few teachers and ended up being experimentation in 17 schools from 8 different countries. You can check it out here. Opening new doors of using technology, meeting people from every end of the globe, and trying the unexpected are just a few ways the Expert Educator program will change you. Just applying will me you re-think your methodology of teaching. Now, it’s your turn. The application is open until October 15, 2014.