mardi 24 avril 2018

Book review : educational children's book - Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics

Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics written by Yossi Lapid and illustrated by Joanna Pasek is an educational children’s book which is part of an acclaimed series.

It is a beautiful story of friendship and love of others but also of what you do. Passion is indeed at the heart of this lovely children’s book. The illustrations are gorgeous and truly expand and help children visualize the message of this story. It is about Snowman Paul and several children, who are his friends but who cannot play with him for some time as he has been requested to be a referee for the Olympic Games. No time for play and friends any more for Snowman Paul… They are going to have to devise a solution!

Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics is the story of a friendship which is above all strong and which cannot fail despite Snowman Paul’s valuable honor! He has been selected to become a referee for the Olympic games and is devoted to this task (he will show what perseverance means and that you need to study in order to earn such honors.) but friendships will not be forgotten either. This lovely children’s book is all about perseverance in all fields, about true love of your friends, about doing something which matters with your whole heart and with courage. It is about all the values we would like our own children to embrace and it is done through a superb story which will enchant all children! Thank you for this beautiful children’s book which I highly recommend!

Reviewed for Readers' Favourite.

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