vendredi 21 janvier 2011

defining ways to connect the virtual and physical classrooms


Defining ways to connect the virtual and physical classrooms:

I use the lab once a week with all my classes. there's so much to be done in a lab: I mostly use:

- webquests (which I design or find on the Internet, at esl printables, or, or other websites),

- I also use interractive games which I can find on the Net too, such as:

All these are related to "Whodunnit".

-I also use the computer lab to enhance my students' language skills (particularly listening & speaking): 

* recording their voice & saving the audios on a memory stick to grade later

* using websites such as the FABULOUS "USA Learns" (especially the lesson on NATURE which deals with the environment).

- they also search the net to prepare talks

- & we also use the lab for the students' talks: thus they can send documents to their friends & discuss a topic while sending a ppt for instance, or a video...

They tremendoulsy enjoy it & work hard! 

I'm looking forward to hearing about how you use the lab!