mardi 31 mai 2016

2016 Paper Planes Creative Writing Competition

One American OIB student has won a creative writing prize, the second Paper Planes Poetry prize! Congratulations Charlotte!!!!!!
I am very proud of you!
Here is her poem:

Devour the pages

Fly through the words
Such as the most graceful of birds
Devour the pages
Pursuing the path of all sages
Immerse in a different universe
Beware, it can be diverse
From utopian to perverse
Dispel any type of limit
The spectacle of a race of dreams
Glorious and wild like the fiercest of
streams Convoluted schemes, reaching the extremes
Following a fluke, they split!
Hands matted in a silky mane
At a dreadful speed, with no pain
Lulled by the pace of the saddle
Towards infinity you travel
A burst of feelings mixed together.
A storm of ideas. The thunderbolt of love.
Face the fantastic flavor of this frightening fever
And guzzle a flow of knowledge, like trying on a velvet glove

Charlotte S
Lycée International Nelson Mandela

Paper Planes Competition.