mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Kai Strand: some thoughts about the first Skype interview (by some of my students)

Today, some students wrote a post in honor of Kai Strand who did the first Skype interview with them.
Thanbk you so much to them and to Kai!

Last Thursday, the 10th grade OIB class got to know the American writer Kai Strand whom they met during a Skype interview. It was a neat opportunity because most of us had never done a Skype interview before with a writer. Kai Strand was very nice to us and answered all our questions in great detail. We had prepared the interview during a lesson the week before by preparing all of the questions we wanted to ask, and analysing an excerpt from one of her works. On the day itself, we all picked a question to ask Kai and one by one we went to the teacher's desk to ask Kai our question. Here are some of our questions:

Where do you get your inspiration?

Do you intend to convey a message in your books?

Are you influenced by other writers?

I think what surprised us the most was when she told us that writing was just a part-time job for her. She explained to us that there was a moment in her life when she was a full-time writer, though she stopped doing it because she said it was easy to lose yourself when you are a writer. It was really great to see how much she is passionate about her work. Thus, it was a real pleasure for us to ask her our questions. It’s a shame we could not ask her more! I think we were all grateful after the interview for the time she spent with us. Thanks again Kai for the interview!
Article by Kostia.

Other students’ messages:

It was really cool to meet you, Kai, it was a pleasure!!! I learnt so much about you and your writing and authors in general! Thank you very much, Incredible experience!!

Bassma: The answers to our questions were clear and detailed, Kai sometimes gave us extra anecdotes that we hadn’t even thought of!

Dara: I really enjoyed this experience, I felt it was a great opportunity for our class to meet a real life writer. She answered our questions very clearly and used accessible language. She was very nice. Thank you Kai :)

Allan: Really interesting interview, learnt a lot from what Kai said, unforgettable experience, cannot wait for the next interview! Thank you Kai!

Lila: It was awesome to be able to meet an actual author and to be able to ask her questions I was always curious about. Kai was lovely and enthusiastically answered our questions!

Mathilde: It was such a pleasure meeting you. Your answers were very clear and developed and you really seemed passionate about your work! Thank you for taking the time to speak to us!

Zoé & San: Everyone should be able to have a similar experience once in their life! Thanks for your enthusiastic and wise answers, thanks for letting us enter your fantastic world!