dimanche 8 janvier 2017

New author guest post. And now for something completely different: poetry by David Atkinson

David Atkinson is the only poet to have joined my literature project and it is a great honor to welcome him on my blog!

His website: davidatkinsonpoet.wordpress.com


Black Eyed Peace

Black Eyed Peace is my second collection of poetry was published in 2014.  My first collection “Thomas” was published by Lapwing in 2005.

Black Eyed Peace was originally self-published as a free eBook, followed by a small print run of hard copy books (some poetry fans still like real books!!)

I wanted to try to reach a wider audience.  Selling books through a small publisher is hard work, most being sold at readings and literary events.    “Thomas” sold about 250 copies.  In the days before Facebook and Twitter this could be seen as a success.

The world had moved on and I wanted to try something different.  I decided to publish an eBook and give it away for no charge, marketing the book using social media.

Two years down the line, I have had 2000 reads, with feedback coming from every continent (except Antarctica - penguins don't like my poems). I have had a Pushcart nomination for the poem “Hunting for the Aurora”, and an interview on BBC Radio Ulster.  

I am very excited (and a little nervous) about doing a Skype interview with you guys.  I am really interested in hearing your reaction to my poems and to see how well my work translates across national and generational boundaries.  

There is a theme running through Black Eyed Peace.  The book is about a journey, a search for peace.  This is peace on personal, national, and international levels.  The journey isn’t easy and we will collect our share of bruises along the way, but that should stop us looking no matter how hard the road or how lost we have become.

Best wishes

David Atkinson

and the slides which my students will study before the Skype Interview: