lundi 2 avril 2018

Book review : educational children's book about TEXAS

Mighty Big and Super Great, Texas Is The "Lone Star State"! written by Amber Manning, illustrated by Kory Fluckiger is an educational children’s book about Texas.

It can be said to illustrate a love story between Amber and her state. This book is not an ordinary book: it is actually divided into three parts: it starts with a story of Texas from 1836 when it became a Republic “after a long, hard fight”. It is divinely illustrated and gives us an actual sense of history. The second part is made up of facts about Texas. The third part is made up of a quiz about Texas and of the Texas Pledge, the Texas song and a gorgeous map of Texas.

Mighty Big and Super Great is first and foremost a beautiful book which opens children to a story about history which is written in verse and is rhyming. It could even be sung!
“Fight, fight, win!!
In 1836, we begin…
At the Battle of San Jacinto,
In remembrance of the Alamo.”
The text is as gorgeous as the illustrations are. They both convey a sense of courage, valor, adventure and History. What else could we ask from a history book for young children? It is enthusiastic and fascinating. This captivating “story” is as entertaining as it is enlightening, what is more it is as beautiful as it is useful, that is why I highly recommend it.

Reviewed for Readers' Favourite.

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