mercredi 8 mars 2017

David Atkinson's Skype Interview. By Noah.

We have once again Skype interviewed a great author! This time, it was the poet David Atkinson, an inspiring Irish author. Through a short Skype interview, he has presented himself, his life, his art and his philosophy. Accompanied by a journalist from the “Journal Du Dimanche”, and a photographer, a lucky half of our class have experienced this delightful moment.
A few questions we asked him:
What is poetry to you?
- A poem to me is a creation, art, “the best words in the best order”.
What is a great poem?
- A great poem is a poe where you can understand what the poet feels.
Is it sometimes hard to find inspiration?
- I usually write when I have an idea. The problem is, it happens that I think about something, and then forget it, so I try to always write down my ideas. I even occasionally wake up at night, because I have an idea and go and write in down.”

In his youth poetry was not his cup of tea. But years passed by, and he started writing, more and more. He won competitions and he is, even today still, in a writer’s group, where they help and advise each other. He is not a full time poet, he also works part time in a bank. And mostly writes and studies at home. To him poetry is also music, it has a beat, a rhythm, a tone. It is a way for him to express, through his writing, what he feels and he mostly writes about his life.
It was a short but a very fulfilling Skype interview, since it was the first time we interviewed a poet!! Thanks to him and to Ms. Fasquel for making such interesting projects which allow us to contact fascinating artists possible.
By Noah, seconde 5.

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