lundi 6 mars 2017

Cathi Unsworth's Skype Interview with my students. By Lila.

Curled light blonde hair with a swirl of black held with red and green barrettes… an amazing author answered our questions, while France 3’s TV crew filmed our every move. Another great Skype interview, this time with the charismatic Cathi Unsworth.
"How do you come up with the titles of your novels?"
“Most of them come from songs”, she told us.
"What message do you try to convey through your stories?"
She speaks up about what the bullies make others go through, she wants to spread tolerance.
The English writer and journalist who started out studying fashion, then music, encouraged us to write more, because it can be a great way to express ourselves and get things out of our system. She told us about her literary tastes, about her inspirations and about her hobbies. And while students continued inquiring about her, a cameraman asked others about their thoughts about Mrs. Fasquel's classes. Having France 2 and 3 around was obviously exciting and made us even more proud to be Mrs. Fasquel's students. Yet another enlightening class and a big thank you to Cathi for having shared her knowledge and creativity with us!
By Lila, 10th grader.

Cathi's presentation slides: