lundi 21 mai 2018

As I lay dying by Faulkner

Here is a short review of As I lay dying which I devoured, loved, could not put down!
I cannot add much to everything that has already been published about this amazing work of art but will share my personal thoughts as I read the novel.

I first started reading it because a friend was taking the Agrégation and I wanted to be able to discuss this book with him (I'm not forgetting you Benoît!) and I thought I could also write a short review of this breathtaking account of the last days of Addie Bundren's life as well as the way all the family members try and cope with her death, their extreme poverty and the catastrophes that they keep having to face together.

Faulkner completed this novel in six weeks, during a summer . He called it a "tour de force" as he invented the story around a group of people, which he subjected to catastrophe (fire, flood, death).

Writing a novel with multiple stances on the story, multiple viewpoints (15 in total), multiple narratives as well as with numerous ellipses, which all help to a certain extent to understand this dysfunctional family better, while Addie Bundren, the matriarch of the Bundren clan, lies on her deathbed.

However As I lay dying is above all a quest for redemption, in which Addie's husband, Anse, is accomplishing something for the very first time in his life, after having been a disappointment to his wife and children...

I am also sharing a "Padlet" with links to reviews, discussions, etc., about As I lay dying for my friends who are taking the Agrégation or anyone who is interested in delving deeper into this book ;)

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this novel or any works by William Faulkner!

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