jeudi 20 septembre 2018

First project of the year: studying New Zealand literature with Sheryl, a New Zealand exchange teacher!

Ms. Sheryl Everitt is a French teacher who comes all the way from New Zealand! She is part English, Maori and French. She’s here to teach our English class about her culture and in particular New Zealand literature, and today, she taught us a bit about the second most spoken language in New Zealand, Maori. It is very easy to learn, with only 15 letters, however, it’s very old. Indeed, it is the first language the island has ever heard!
She also talked a little about the islands, and the origins of the population, there are 20% of Maori people in New Zealand.

She told us that the Maori belong to different ancient tribes (that still exist and of which they are all very proud) and that the language is still taught in school for those who wish to learn it. We spent a great time learning about the Maori, the history of New Zealand and its amazing culture. Thanks a lot Ms. Everitt!
Article by Lisa, 10th grade student.

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