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samedi 9 juillet 2016

Article : enseigner la littérature autrement avec les TICE

Bonjour à tous !
N'hésitez pas à consulter le dernier article que j'ai écrit pour Hatier, Place Des Langues, ici.
Envoyez moi un feedback et commentez afin de progresser ensemble !
Vous pouvez également ajouter vos idées de tâches interactives et TICE pour proposer une liste collaborative ici.

Vous pouvez également effectuer une recherche sur ce blog car j'ai posté beaucoup de diaporamas accompagnant des séminaires en ligne sur la littérature et les TICE.

Par exemple, celui-ci :

Excellents été et lectures à tous !

mardi 31 mai 2016

2016 Paper Planes Creative Writing Competition

One American OIB student has won a creative writing prize, the second Paper Planes Poetry prize! Congratulations Charlotte!!!!!!
I am very proud of you!
Here is her poem:

Devour the pages

Fly through the words
Such as the most graceful of birds
Devour the pages
Pursuing the path of all sages
Immerse in a different universe
Beware, it can be diverse
From utopian to perverse
Dispel any type of limit
The spectacle of a race of dreams
Glorious and wild like the fiercest of
streams Convoluted schemes, reaching the extremes
Following a fluke, they split!
Hands matted in a silky mane
At a dreadful speed, with no pain
Lulled by the pace of the saddle
Towards infinity you travel
A burst of feelings mixed together.
A storm of ideas. The thunderbolt of love.
Face the fantastic flavor of this frightening fever
And guzzle a flow of knowledge, like trying on a velvet glove

Charlotte S
Lycée International Nelson Mandela

Paper Planes Competition.

dimanche 7 février 2016

Cheryl Ann Bolden, Artist and Precious Cargo curator's workshop

On Friday February 5, Mrs. Bolden gave workshops at my school for the American international section and the STMG stduents who are preparing a slavery project together. The main aims of this visit were to share about slavery but also to be able to study primary sources, artefacts and grasp the concept of slavery in a different way, thus get a more personal and deep understanding of the history of the USA. A link to her excellent website: